alien boys (2021-
Alien Boys explores the theme of duality within a community setting. The subjects are shown dressed in identical costumes and performing similar actions, creating a sense of unity and collectivism. However, their individual identities are hinted at through subtle differences in their actions and expressions, creating a sense of isolation and individualism within the group. 

The photographs are inspired by the visual style of Soviet photography, with a focus on highlighting the strong sense of community within the group. Despite their sense of isolation, the subjects are intimately connected to their surroundings, presenting a duality of familiarity and distance. The project ultimately showcases the complex and layered nature of identity and belonging within a group setting.

alien love: an intimacy (2021-
Alien Love: An Intimacy explores the concept of intimacy and love without relying on traditional human body language. Through this project, we aim to challenge the way we typically express and interpret affection, and to consider the possibility of other forms of communication. The project features models who do not interact with each other in the ways we might expect, but rather convey a sense of connection and affection through their posture, gestures, and expressions. The photos showcase a unique and unconventional form of intimacy, one that transcends the boundaries of gender and challenges traditional notions of love and connection.

By presenting this alternative perspective on intimacy, we hope to inspire viewers to think more deeply about the ways in which we communicate and connect with others, and to consider the many different forms that love and affection can take.

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